The Sweetest Peppermint

Daphnis and Chloe


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  • The Sweetest Peppermint
  • The Sweetest Peppermint

This cool and sweet peppermint comes from an organic farm at the foothills of Mount Minthi, not far from the fields where the plant gained its name in antiquity. The fragrant leaves of the plant are carefully packed in wholes, allowing you to revive the aromas right when needed, by rubbing them with your fingers just before use.

Apart from drinking as a tea by steeping it in boiled water, dried peppermint leaves can be used to give body and fragrance to many sweet or savoury recipes, from biscuits to tomato sauces.

Our favourite: Spice up your freshly squeezed lemon-orange juice by sprinkling a couple of dried peppermint leaves on top of it just before serving.

/ Net weight 12g

About Daphnis and Chloe

Daphnis and Chloe's sourcing process is unique, as it begins by mapping out the regions in Greece where each herb grows best (in fact,  many of the best herbs have not left their  place of origin). Small scale farmers are supported and inspired to grow the native herbs of their homeland, and the end product is a range of herbs that are unadulterated and grown in the natural state of things.

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