Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.

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  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.
  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.
  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.
  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.
  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.
  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.
  • Olive Oil. Oregano. Salt.

The essentials of any Mediterranean pantry, made in Greece. Keep these exquisite products within arm's reach on your kitchen bench and watch them bring every dish to life. 

The Wise Owl Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This pure, unfiltered Greek EVOO tastes as exquisite as it looks, produce by Nico Lazaridi.

Olive Variety and Flavour profile: Koroneiki, Medium Flavour with aromas of green apple, freshly cut grass and artichoke.

The harvest for this special EVOO starts early in October, when the fruit is still green, not fully matured.

It is produced only with natural methods and mechanical processes, without any chemical addition, without impurities and without any further processing.

Perfect match : Ideal use raw in salads, boiled and grilled vegetables. The perfect accompaniment to grilled meats and fish also Greek cheeses.


Daphnis and Chloe Oregano from Taygetus 

It's our Best-Seller for a reason.

Oregano is not a herb, but rather a name used to define nearly 40 plants available across the world that respond to the same flavour profile. Greece happens to be where the most praised varieties come from and Mount Taygetus is home to the most popular of all Greek oreganos.

Daphnis and Chloe harvesters cut and select the buds one by one, following an industrious process that allows you to revive the aromas of this herb right when needed, by rubbing it with your fingers just before use.

/Net weight 18g

SPAROZA Fleur de Sel

SPAROZA Fleur de sel is collected from the very top layer of small salt ponds in Southern Crete, and is not subject to any processing.

Fleur de sel is known as “the caviar of salts” thanks to its smooth flavour, unparalleled quality, limited availability and level of expertise required to collect it. It is rich in minerals, trace elements and calcium.

Use it as a finishing salt ,right after cooking or in salads and raw food recipes.

/ Net weight 100g

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